We are a Texas-based,

nationwide scaffolding company

with over 100 years combined experience, capable of executing projects in a safe, timely & cost-efficient manner.



Our services include Scaffolding, Insulation, Removable Blankets, Sand Blasting, Painting and General Labor.


At JAV, safety is essential.  We all share the responsibility of encouraging safety culture, in order to improve behavior and performance in the workplace.   Likewise, we all share accountability to encourage our peers to value safe work practices and safety programs in a positive and proactive way.   With that said, all of our insulation blanket designers hold Basic Plus, TWIC cards and job-specific HASC training as required by facility.  Designers also attend all safety meetings required at job site.


We are capable of training the installation crew at each specific job site, on the proper procedure for identifying the location of each blanket.  Our stainless-steel tags contain information to help identify the location of each blanket, such as blanket number, coordinates and company name. In addition, we demonstrate the safest and proper way to install each blanket, per each job site spec, to our installation crew.  Our designers measure item by item, on-site to ensure an accurate fit, hand-drawing all items to scale.  As part of their detailed process, fiberglass cloth is cut, stuffed, and sewn to your custom specifications.  To ensure customer satisfaction, they are available 24/7 to meet our customer's immediate needs.

What makes our insulation blankets stand out from the rest? They're safer, cost-efficient, time-efficient, and require no tools for installation or removal. Custom-sewn construction blankets are the future, as the majority of construction projects are making the switch, like the on-going Chevron Phillips project in Baytown.






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